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Founder [chick in charge] @hushupandhustle

Born in ATL and operating out of Charleston, South Carolina. Helen has a passion for health, wellness, nutrition, and movement. If she isn’t listening to a nutrition or business podcast, you can likely find her riding shotgun on the Blender Bomb Bus or laughing at a pop-up event in the South. She loves moving the needle forward in life, engaging people of all types, and learning how to live a balanced lifestyle.

Blender Bombs Helen
Blender Bombs Helen

The Blender Bomb Story

“The fuse was lit in 2017 when I created Hushup X Hustle: a lifestyle brand intended to share my wellness journey. The HxH mission began after I gained an unwelcome 30 lbs (oops!) countered with fad diets, and exhausted myself with two-a-day workouts. Determined to lose weight, I found balance through replacing one meal a day with a B.B. smoothie and practicing an 80/20 plant-based lifestyle. Born out of my kitchen the Blender Bombs became my ‘go-to’ addition for every smoothie.”

XO Helen

About Hushup X Hustle.

it's a lifestyle, duh!

“A Note to my Hustlers! In 2015 I made a change in my choices and mindset. I stopped saying ‘can’t,’ ‘won’t’, ‘maybe later’, ‘next time’, and started saying ‘I Will’, ‘I Am’, and ‘I Deserve’. I said ‘I Will get back into a body that makes me proud, I Will start making healthier choices when I eat, I Will curb my worst cravings, I Will find the right career, I Will surround myself with people who support me, and I Will earn a healthy MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.’ From this change Hushup X Hustle was born, and two years later I was ready to share my journey. Hushup X Hustle is the lifestyle brand I created to share this journey. HXH represents the HUSTLERS, the MOVERS, the SHAKERS, the BELIEVERS, and it calls out the doubters, the non-believers, and the haters. Hushup X Hustle represents everyone out there hustlin to be the best damn version of themselves.”

XXO Helen

Blender Bombs Helen Hush Up x Hustle

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