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“CHEAT MEALS “ + WEEKEND REMINDER if you’re trying to lose weight! Follow  @angie.sadeghi for some wise words. I love following her because so much of what she says resonates with me especially when it comes to mindset and commitment. Basically, her point is that if you are trying to lose weight (which is VERY hard to do for most people), you could potentially reverse all of your progress and hard work with weekend “cheat” meals. This might be a reason you aren’t seeing progress even if you’re eating “healthy” most days of the week.

So be selective of your “cheat meals”. My advice is to make them cheat “sides” or “toppings” or a little “dessert.” Not necessarily full meals. Even more importantly is to not think of them as cheat meals, but just as part of your 20%. If it’s a food you enjoy, enjoy it on a way that you won’t feel shame.

Example: ALMOST every weekend one of my 20% meals includes Hometeam BBQ (Charleston/Mount Pleasant) black bean nachos with no cheese or sour cream, but queso on the side so I can choose how much cheese I consume (which really isn’t that much, I prefer use the sweet red sauce instead). Honestly my other cheat meal is Hometeam's tater tots.... and my other cheat meal is a Hometeam game changer (alcohol). I’m sensing a problem here.

How do you stay committed on the weekends or outside of your 20%? And what are your "cheat meals" or "cheat sides"?
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