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Haven’t stepped on a scale in like four months, but I stepped on one today and I was almost 10 pounds heavier than normal. My clothes still fit the exact same and my stomach looks the same as it did four months ago. What’s different is that I’ve been eating super high carb (as I’ve made quite clear lol) and I SWEAR it has given me “curves” in the places I needed. To me this is a good thing, I’m into the womanly curves! Has anyone else experienced this?? Someone told me to give the whole high carb plant based diet combined with daily exercise thing a try like two years ago when I was complaining about not having a butt but I didn’t believe her - I was wrong. She was right.
This isn’t going to be how I eat forever, it’s just something I wanted to try. I wanted to see how my body could change (inspired by my euro trip haha). By high carb I mean I’ve been eating lot of fruit, a ton of potatoes, lentils, beans, quinoa, wild rice, and sometimes fresh bread from local bakeries. The trick for me personally is that when I eat this high carb, I can’t really eat high fat or high protein or else I’ll gain weight realllll quick (been there, done that). So I cut back on the avocados (cut back, not cut out), added oils, and added nuts. It’s pretty easy for me since I’m 80/20 plant based and one meal a day is a B.B. smoothie. Anyway, just wanted to share that I don’t think this weight gain is bad and it’s OKAY TO EAT POTATOES. I’ll do a post soon about some H+H approved snacks and meals (besides smoothies lol).
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