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“Nowadays with technology and social media and all that stuff, we are just constantly being bombarded with what our life should look like, what it should feel like, and it gets really hard to be quiet and learn what’s right for YOU. But I will tell you this, if your life is hard right now, you are not in your authenticity. So it is time to really start tapping into what that is for you. If you’re a soul that has a body, you’re unique. You’re here for a reason. You have all of these choices along the way and YOU decide if you want to lean into that or get very far from it. You have a bigger purpose, everybody does, and it’s different for everyone.” - Lacy Phillips
Sharing Free and Native's words of wisdom via The Lively Show Podcast (Check out my other podcast recommendations). I wish I had heard these words (and listened to them) a few years ago when I was working jobs that made me miserable because I was too scared to quit. Just know that we as people have “gut feelings” and “intuition” for a reason. Trust your gut. If something really doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not for you. I was researching health and fitness stuff 24/7 during my spare time so I knew I loved it and needed to be in that field.
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