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Here’s a ton of info on something that has changed my life, and a ton of other people’s lives: INTERMITTENT FASTING. The practice of IF combined with replacing one meal a day with a B.B. smoothie (five days a week), and following an 80% plant based diet has changed my life in so many ways including:

• legit zero late night cravings
• less cravings for snacks during the day
• I don’t feel like I’m forcing myself to eat in the morning because breakfast is the “most important meal of the day” (in my opinion, that statement is false and made up by food industry to sell more food)
• it has actually SPED UP my metabolism ten fold
• my “cycle” has been nonexistent or irregular my whole life, but ever since I started implementing BBs, IF and 80/20 plant based lifestyle my “cycle” is extremely consistent
• I stopped thinking about food all the time
• I maintain a low body fat
• I can eat MORE and not gain weight (thanks fiber)
• I was able to stop counting calories and eat intuitively because I knew I wouldn’t gain weight following this lifestyle

Here’s the thing, this is MY lifestyle (not a diet) and what works for me. I’ve tried it all: keto, paleo, vegan, low calorie, low fat, military diet, grapefruit diet, bulletproof, high protein/low carb, etc. Even though some of those diets were good for weight loss, they weren’t diets I could keep long term so I ended up gaining the weight right back. The ONLY reason I share my journey and lifestyle is because I spent four years being miserable from failed diet after failed diet, and once I found what worked for me and helped me lose weight, I knew I had to share it so I could help others.

Please ask any questions! Also, what has worked for you? Have you tried IF?
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