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As you make your health a priority during this holiday season, pass on the good vibes by giving wellness-themed gifts this year. You’ll find something for everyone on your list in HXH’s first annual gift guide!
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1. Blender Bombs and Granola, prices vary
    You knew this would be #1 on my list—but for good reason! BBs and granola make the perfect gifts. Both have good shelf lives and create the base for a healthy whole foods, plant based diet. Feeling really generous? Gift a BB subscription!
    Blender Bombs
    2. Nutribullet, $48
      There are a lot of great blenders on the market, but I love the simplicity of the Nutribullet. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and small enough to travel. Oh, and the price is right—right now you can snag one for just under $50.00!
      Amazon - NutriBullet
      3. RMS Beauty Signature Set, $44
        RMS Beauty does non-toxic beauty right. Give the gift of natural beauty with this gorgeous set that includes a bronzer, illuminizer, a lip2cheek color, and a skin/lip balm. It’s the perfect nudge to get a loved one to jump on the non-toxic beauty train.
        RMS Beauty Signature Set
        4. Herb Garden Gift Sets, $39.95
          Tasteful garden does the coolest organic herb gift sets that come grown in and ready for cooking. You can choose the herbs and the containers they come in—I especially love that the sets fit right on the windowsill! Fresh herbs smell good, look pretty, encourage cooking, and offer many health benefits.
          Herb Garden Gift Sets
          5. Elemis Quiet Mind Temple Balm, $30
            This magic potion really does soothe skin and instantly calm me down. This is a great gift for loves ones who are into meditation or for your stressed out mom who needs to de-stress. Makes for a great stocking-stuffer!
            Temple Balm
            6. Breville Juicer, $100
              Everyone needs a good juicer! This one works like a charm and isn’t as gigantic as most of the other ones on the market, so it saves counter space. It’s just under $100 and is great for someone on your list who might be new to juicing.
              7. Slip Silk Pillowcase, $85
                This is the perfect thing for your beauty obsessed sister or friend—it’s a pillowcase that is anti-aging, good for skin, good for hair, and oh-so-luxurious. It comes in a range of pretty colors and is the kind of gift that is just too much fun to receive!
                Slip Silk PillowcaseSlip Silk Pillowcase
                8. Swell Water Bottles, prices vary
                  These water bottles come in all kind of colors, shapes, and sizes—and they make the PERFECT gift for literally anyone on your list. We’re into drinking more water and using less plastic at H+H—this gift is good for the body and for the environment.
                  Swell Water Bottle
                  9. Lululemon Reversible Yoga Mat 5mm, $68-$78
                    I love this mat because its got a little more cushion than the original, and the reversible textures (one smooth, one grippy) are perfect for different kinds of yoga. There are several really fun color/print options available to impress your yoga-loving friends.
                    Lululemon Yoga Mat
                    10. Legology Lymphatic Leg Brush, $16
                      Dry brushing is good for the skin, lymphatic system, and blow flow of the body. This fun little stocking stuffer brush is meant for use on the legs specifically, and I love the little handle and cute branding. Regular use means less cellulite, and who doesn’t want that?!
                      11. Weight Set, $20
                        This set comes with 2, 3, and 5 lb weights perfect for home use and includes an a-frame rack. This is a great gift for your loved ones who like to get their sweat on at home.
                         Weight Set
                        12. 150 Love Notes, $16
                          This set of 150 love notes is a sweet gift that keeps giving. Each note has a loving quote and cute illustration perfect for slipping in a bag or lunch box.
                          Love Notes
                          13. Brilliant Quotations, $16
                            Similar to the Love Notes, the Brilliant Quotations contains 150 pages of inspirational quotes to encourage and fuel the day. This gift is great way to give inspiration and good vibes all year round.
                            Brilliant Questions
                            14. Naturaculina, prices vary
                              This is THE skincare line that helped me get my skin on track after years of cystic acne.  It’s natural, organic skincare that WORKS. There are several lines and products for different types of skin, so the best way to go is probably a gift card!
                              Natura Culina
                              15. Berkey Shower Filter, $63
                                This is a MUST, and it’s not something that a lot of people will likely buy for themselves. This shower filter reduces chlorine up to 95% and reduces scale buildup. Our skin is super absorbent—so we should pay attention to the water we bathe in! This is one of those items you (and your mom) don’t realize you need until you have it.
                                Shower Filter
                                16. Aquasana Under Sink Water Filter, $99
                                  It’s important to have clean drinking water available at all times, and that’s why I think this water filter makes for a great gift. It goes under the sink and filters chlorine, mercury, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and other gross stuff of out drinking water before it comes out of the faucet. Brilliant!
                                  Sink Filter
                                  17. How Not To Dieby Michael Greger, $16
                                    This is THE BOOK to turn to in order to understand which foods fight and reverse disease. I refer to my copy all the time, and I recommend it obsessively.
                                    How Not To Die
                                    18. Skinny Bitchby Rory Freedman, $12
                                      This irreverent, hilarious book is a no nonsense guide to how to lose weight and keep it off. Not for the easily offended, but it is both helpful and seriously funny.
                                      Skinny Bitch
                                      19. Woodway Treadmill, Contact for price
                                        Okay so this one is so expensive that the price isn’t advertised on the website, but THIS IS MY FAVORITE MACHINE EVER. It’s a self-powered treadmill that uses no electricity. You burn up to 30% more calories because it takes your full body’s effort to get moving. This one is for someone who has been VERY GOOD this year.
                                        Curve Treadmill
                                        20. Piper Wai Deodorant, $17
                                          This one is a good stocking stuffer. Regular deodorants are HORRIBLE for our health because they contain toxins and heavy metals. This organic brand is one I’ve been using for years, and I promise it works just as well as the other stuff. Oh, and it won’t cause serious disease down the road like traditional brands, which is a major plus.
                                          21. THRIVE MARKET MEMBERSHIP, $60
                                            Thrive Market is like Costco meets Whole Foods online. You can save SO MUCH on healthy brands that are sometimes hard to find or that are just too dang expensive in traditional retail stores. The only catch is that there is a membership fee—but a membership also makes for the PERFECT gift.
                                            Thrive MarketThrive Market
                                            22. Purple Carrot Meal Plans, prices vary
                                              Purple Carrot is by far my favorite meal delivery service. They plan, pack, and deliver plant-rich, vegan meals that I always end up loving. There are several different gift plans for varying dietary needs and price points.
                                              Purple Carrot
                                              23. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, $12
                                                This is the book that really inspired H+H and my vision for Blender Bombs. It’s about following our passions and DOING THE DANG THING. This book is a great holiday gift because it powerfully encourages change right in time for the New Year.
                                                 Big Magic
                                                24. Squatty Potty, $25
                                                  So I wouldn’t recommend this one for everyoneon your list, but we all have a friend or family member who we KNOW could use a little help in the bathroom. The Squatty Potty was given to me as a gag gift years ago, but it actually improved my life.
                                                  Squatty Potty
                                                  25. Le Labo Santal 26 Candle, $65
                                                    Yes, it’s a $65 candle, but let me just tell you—this candle is like no other. Made of high quality oils and a scent that will remind you of Heaven, this is a special gift that really and truly will delight anyone on your list. I recommend buying two because you’re going to want one for yourself!
                                                    Santal Candle
                                                    26. Plant Therapy Essential Oils Set, $30
                                                      This simple oils set includes six of the best kinds of oils to get someone you love hooked. I like this brand because it’s totally organic and USDA approved. Oils are good for so many different uses and make for a fantastic present.
                                                      Plant Therapy
                                                      27. DOHM Classic Sound Machine, about $50
                                                        I’m don’t want just any background noise when I’m trying to sleep. Apps on my cellphone don’t cut it. The noise that comes from this machine, simply put, is magic. It’s ethereal. You need to buy one of these for everyone on your list, and then you need to buy one for yourself. You won’t believe how deeply you’ll sleep.
                                                        Sound Machine
                                                        28. Fitness Membership To Nearby Gym, prices vary
                                                          Buy a month, six-month, or multi-class pass for that someone on your list who loves group fitness is hesitant to shell out the money to do it. I recommend yoga or HIIT studios!
                                                          29. HUSTLE Smoothie Bar Gift Card, prices vary
                                                            If you’re in the Charleston area, skip giving the typical Starbucks gift card and gift a Hustle Smoothie gift card for a yummy, healthy treat on the go.
                                                            HUSTLE Smoothie Bar
                                                            30. Labeye Star Moto Jacket, $118
                                                              My good friend Naomie Olindo (Southern Charm) has the BEST boutique in Charleston (and online!). Right now, my favorite piece is the Star Moto Jacket.
                                                              Star Moto Jacket
                                                              31. MYLK BAR Sugar Scrub, $27
                                                                This organic sugar scrub is the trick for sloughing away dead skin on your hands, feet, and body. It loaded with high quality oils like lavender oil and coconut oil. A great treat for someone who likes a little pampering.
                                                                Sugar Scrub
                                                                32. Ilia True Skin Liquid Foundation, $54
                                                                  I’m not one for wearing tons of makeup, but this is much more than your run-of-the-mill foundation. The True Skin Liquid Foundation acts double times as a serum and has goodies like jojoba oil and aloe that actually improve the condition of your skin while you’re wearing it!
                                                                  33. Maya Chia Highlighter, $42
                                                                    Maya Chia products are all amazing, but this highlighter is by far my favorite. It’s like liquid gold. Like the Ilia foundation, this makeup is also good for the health of your skin. A fantastic gift for the beauty junkie in your life.
                                                                    Maya Chia
                                                                    Thank you for reading! Hope you found some goodies to gift your loved ones. Happy Holidays!
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