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Did a little spiel on my Instagram (@hushupandhustle) story today (June 24th) about how most days of the week (so 80% of the week) I only have TWO meals a day (while intermittent fasting duh). One meal is a very high calorie/high carbohydrate B.B. smoothie with granola and the second meal is a high calorie/high carbohydrate dinner. Dinner usually has a base of potatoes, sweet potatoes, some quinoa, black beans, garbanzo beans, black bean pasta, etc... and a lot of leafy greens. I’ve been doing this for the last two months and I’m LOVING it! My stomach has stayed flat but I’ve developed curves in other areas which I’m into because CURVES and why not.

Keep in mind that because I’m eating high carbohydrate (high fiber), I’m eating a low to moderate amount of fat and protein. It’s just like when you eat high fat, high protein I would suggest you eat low carbohydrate meals in order to NOT gain weight. Since I don’t eat meat or fish and have very little cheese, I opt to eat high carb (which is high fiber naturally), low to moderate fat and protein in order to NOT gain weight. 

TREAT YOSELF and order the BBs so you can try out the whole 2 calorie dense meals a day thing! I love hearing how the BBs help you so shoot me a DM or email to share.


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