Blender Bombs is the Health-Food Market’s Only Nutrient-Dense Smoothie Booster

CHARLESTON, S.C. - September 23, 2022  – Blender Bombs, the first and onlysuperfood smoothie booster creating a brand new category, is raising a Community Round onWefunder, the largest platform that helps founders raise a Community Round from their most passionate customers and fans alongside venture capitalists. To date, Blender Bombs has raised nearly $500,000 and invites more customers, users, community members, friends, and family to invest in the company for as little as $100 in exchange for company equity. 

Blender Bombs is nearly a third of the way to its goal of raising $1.5 million to grow capital over the next 36 months, and to more than double the value of the company over that time.And double the impact.Blender Bombs Community Round can be found here:

“Since day one our mission has been: community first; and because of that, we have built a ‘bomb family’ that fully believes in our products and shares their love of Blender Bombs with family, friends and co-workers. Who doesn’t include family in their business?” says Helen Hall-Leland, CEO and Founder of Blender Bombs. “We have opened up a Community Round to give our people - the Blender Bombs family - the opportunity to invest in our success and join us on this amazing ride.”

Blender Bombs is currently 100% female owned and led by Helen Hall-Leland. To say that customers love the product with a 64%+, 12-month subscriber retention rate is an understatement. Blender Bombs are sold online and are also distributed through Amazon, Whole Foods, Walmart, Thrive Market and dozens of other retailers. Their hero product,the-blender-bomb, is a superfood ball made up of nuts, seeds, dates, and other superfuel ingredients.The Blender Bombcontains every essential amino + fatty acid; say hello to the healthiest smoothie of your life! 

How didthe Blender Bomb come about? Helen inventedthe Blender Bomb while personal training in 2017 as her clients struggled to routinely consume nutrient dense meals. Smoothies were her prized morning suggestion and she realized there was a gap in the marketplace with no convenient solution to whipping up afillingsmoothie, consisting of fruits + vegetables + whole-food ingredients. Blender Bombs keep it simple AND they do the hard work foryou– by rolling the 14 superfood ingredients into “the bomb”;the Blender Bombs not only save you time, (your most valued asset, right?), but they also save you money. The “Blender Bombs Family” truly speaks for itself, check out the library of thousands that claim their testimony: that the “bomb” product has changed their life (all can be found on theirwebsite andInstagram page).

Blender Bombs chose to raise a Community Round because it makes turning your customers into investors possible and it’s inline with the comapny’s ethos. This Community Round gives the Blender Bombs loyal customers, their “family”, as well as those who see the value in their market disruption the opportunity to be a part of the company’s success as well as support their mission to impact and grow healthyly. 

"One of the most powerful forces in the world is when someone believes in you and backs it up with a bit of their own money. Community Rounds now allows that to happen at scale," said Jonny Price, VP of Fundraising at Wefunder. "It's a mark of prestige when a company raises a Community Round. It's hard to build a business that your customers believe in so much that they actually want to invest their hard earned money in the company's success.”

Those interested in learning more about Blender Bombs should and to invest in the Community Round visit:

About Blender Bombs

Blender Bombs’ mission is to superfuelyour life in the most convenient way, everyday: one superfood snack, one plant-based smoothie, one empowered human at a time. Blender Bombs invented ‘The Blender Bomb’, and as it’s unlike any other product on the market, they created a new category in the health foods sector, a superfood market disruptor. Blender Bombs believes in using the highest-quality ingredients! They don’t take shortcuts because having values isn’t free! Their “bomb products” are made in America, designed and invented in Charleston, South Carolina, manufactured in Charlotte, North Carolina + Marietta, Georgia. Follow along asBlender Bombs andHelen Hall-Leland continue to lead the superfueled, superfood movement on social media.

About Wefunder

Wefunder is a platform that helps founders raise a Community Round from their most passionate customers and fans alongside venture capital. Headquartered in San Francisco with a distributed team across the country, Wefunder has fundamentally changed the regulation crowdfunding space from the regulations to making it accessible to all at scale. Wefunder is a Public Benefit Corp, not only for its mission to fix capitalism, but because it's the way companies should be run. To learn more


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