It's no secret we love our Bombassadors! Today we are thrilled to introduce you to our girl, Lawson! 

Age: 24 Lives in: Clarksville, TN 
Occupation: Educator

Favorite Smoothie Recipe: PB&J 
1 x PB Cacao Blender Bomb
2 x tbsps Bomb Butter 
1 x cup frozen strawberries
1 x cup frozen spinach 
1/2 x frozen banana
1 x tbsp peanut butter
1 x cup unsweetened almond milk
5-6 x ice cubes 

Why do you love Blender Bombs?
"I’ve always been a snacker - I could snack all day erry day. But adding a Blender Bomb to my smoothie has really helped me be more aware that I’m FULL and don’t need to snack just to snack. I LOVE THEM because they’re yummy + have natural ingredients + keep me full + can be used in multiple ways!"

Learn more about Lawson, follow her on instagram

Lawson says: “A fun fact about me is I know every lyric to every Disney song!”

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