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Keep your Eye on this amazing recipe! The Strawberry Cake is deceptively healthy because it includes ½ a peeled Zucchini! Studies suggest that Zucchini can improve digestion and contribute to maintaining healthy vision and eyesight! Did that make you look twice? This recipe goes well with the Original Bombs, the Goji, Acai, and Coconut, or the Nut Free. Though, paired with the Aloe & Collagen Blender Bomb the Strawberry Cake smoothie is a safe bet for the Vitamin-Rich Smoothie of the Year!

1 cup strawberries

1⁄2 zucchini, peeled

1 date

1 Original Blender Bomb (or Goji + Coconut + Acai Blender Bombor Nut Free Blender Bomb)

2 tbsp Bomb Butter

1/2 cup water

BLEND 45 seconds

2 handfuls ice

BLEND 50 seconds

Helen Says: “Bomb Butter is a must for nearly every smoothie – the extra fiber, texture, and sweetness are a smoothie game changer. Coming soon!”

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