We didn’t believe it either!!! A sweet potato smoothie? We thought “you must be joking.” Well folks the Sweet Potato Blender Bomb smoothie is just plain and simple smoothie wizardry at its finest. One of the planet’s all time best sources of Vitamin A, through beta-carotene, included in a delicious smoothie you can prepare at home and enjoy on your own. Try it – we dare you.

½ steamed and peeled sweet potato

½ frozen banana

1 date

Original Blender Bomb

2 tbsp Bomb Butter

5 shakes cinnamon

½ cup water

BLEND 30 seconds

2-3 handfuls ice

BLEND 60 seconds

Helen Says: “Sounds weird, Tastes Great. The Sweet Potato Smoothie is a Hushup X Hustle original.”

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