CASES of 2 Pack Blender Bombs

CASES of 2 Pack Blender Bombs


Two packs are HERE! Two-packs contain 2 Blender Bombs and are the perfect way to enjoy Blender Bombs on the go as a power snack. Perfect for traveling, hiking, biking, your kiddos lunchbox, halftime-snacks, pre or post-workout, or anytime you need a filling boost.

Two-packs are currently sold by the case. A case has 8 two-packs, so 16 bombs total.

You can purchase a case of just one flavor, or get crazy with the Variety Case Pack! The Variety Case Pack is perfect if you have been wanting to mix-and-match different Blender Bomb flavors. It will contain 1 of each flavor, and 2 Sunflower Seed & Coconut Blender Bomb 2-Packs.


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