Variety Packs + 2 Packs


Two packs are HERE! Two-packs contain 2 Blender Bombs and are the perfect way to enjoy Blender Bombs on the go as a power snack. Perfect for traveling, hiking, biking, your kiddo's lunchbox, halftime snacks, pre or post-workout, or anytime you need a filling boost.

Two-packs are currently sold by the case. A case has 8 two-packs, so 16 bombs total.

You can purchase a case of just one flavor, or get crazy with the Variety Case Pack! The Variety Case Pack is perfect if you have been wanting to mix-and-match different Blender Bomb flavors. The Variety Case Pack will contain 1 of each flavor and one surprise flavor!

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Disclaimer: The nutrition labels on our website have been updated to reflect the correct potassium! New packaging is being printed to reflect these changes and will roll out this year. Thank ya!