HXH Smoothie Edition - Blender Bombs

HXH Smoothie Edition


It's finally here! The answer to all your Hushup X Hustle Blender Bombs Smoothie recipe needs. The goal of this PDF is to provide with recipes for all types of smoothies. Some recipes are green with lots of fruits vegetables, and others are sweet and chocolatey and taste like a milkshake.

PDF will be available for download on the "thank you" screen after you purchase.

In this PDF you will find: 

  • How to make a Blender Bomb Smoothie.
  • Banana Substitutions 
  • Suggested veggies to add to smoothies
  • Organic food tips: what produce to buy organic
  • Hyperlinks to all the brands we use for our smoothie ingredients
  • Tips on smoothie consistency
  • The complete HXH Lifestyle steps

Some types of recipes included in the PDF:

  • Fruity Smoothies
  • Tropical Smoothies
  • Coffee Smoothies
  • Green Smoothies
  • Dessert Smoothies
  • Plus many more!
See Recipes With Aloe & Collagen

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