Smoothie Recipe E-Book


It's finally here! The answer to all your Hushup X Hustle Blender Bombs Smoothie recipe needs. The goal of this E-Book is to provide with recipes for all types of smoothies. Some recipes are green with lots of fruits vegetables, and others are sweet and chocolatey and taste like a milkshake.

PDF will be available for download on the "thank you" screen after you purchase.

In this E-Book you will find: 

  • How to make a Blender Bomb Smoothie.
  • Banana Substitutions 
  • Suggested veggies to add to smoothies
  • Organic food tips: what produce to buy organic
  • Hyperlinks to all the brands we use for our smoothie ingredients
  • Tips on smoothie consistency
  • The complete HXH Lifestyle steps

Some types of recipes included in the E-Book:

  • Fruity Smoothies
  • Tropical Smoothies
  • Coffee Smoothies
  • Green Smoothies
  • Dessert Smoothies
  • Plus many more!

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