Plant-Based Recipe E-Books


It's finally here! The answer to all your 80X20 lifestyle questions. The goal of these e-books is to provide you with recipes to try over the next month. Some recipes make enough servings for one meal, and others you will make enough servings for a week that you can eat as leftovers (like soups or black bean burgers).

Each e-book will be available for download on the "thank you" screen after your purchase.

In each e-book you will find: 

  • An intro to 80X20 including what is it, 80% meal and drink examples, 20% meal and drink examples, why 80X20 works and 80X20 in practice.
  • Five small bites recipes that are basically lighter meals for when you're hungry... but not too hungry.
  • Five entree meal recipes for when you are truly hungry.
  • Five snacks for you to quickly whip up when you need something to hold you over until your next meal, or if you just want a snack for dinner because you aren't too hungry.
  • Hyperlinks to all the brands we use such as Miyokos vegan cheese and The New Primal BBQ sauce.
  • Tips on oils and weight gain, eating out vs. cooking at home, and BREAD.

Some (but not all) recipes included in these e-books:

  • Stuffed vegetable soup
  • Asian noodle bowl
  • Cauliflower pizza
  • Whole grain veggie burger
  • Date bites
  • Plus many more!