Look Good⚡️Feel Good E-Book


Written by Helen Hall and Anna Grace Newell, this 30 Day Challenge isn't stressful or controlling. It's a stepping stone to a full blown lifestyle change! The Look Good ⚡️Feel Good challenge is based on doing the following three things, for at least 80% (24 days) of the 30 days.

  1. Following an 80X20 Plant-Based Lifestyle - for at least 24 of the 30 days (explained in E-Book)
  2. Having one Blender Bomb a day- either in a smoothie or as a snack - for at least 24 of the 30 days (explained in E-Book)
  3. Completing one well-being challenge - for at least 24 of the 30 days (listed and explained in E-Book)
Why only 24 of the 30 days? Because life is already rigid and stressful enough! Health and wellness shouldn’t be controlling, it should be exciting and empowering! This challenge is designed to be something you can continue forever and ever. It’s habit-forming, not a crazy crash diet. You can join the secret challenge group here for unlimited encouragement! 
E-BOOK INCLUDES: 5 smoothies, 6 oatmeal bowl, 17 meal recipes, snack swaps, dessert swaps, challenge instructions and deep explanations, checklists.