Blender Bombs Bundle - Sunflower Seed & Coconut


Stock up and save when you shop Blender Bombs Bundles! This bundle includes (3) 10 Packs of Sunflower Seed & Coconut for a total of 30 Blender Bombs!

Not nuts about nuts? No prob! We’ve got you covered! Equally as delicious and nutritious as our other flavors, the Sunflower Seed & Coconut Blender Bomb is the perfect option for anyone who isn’t a fan of nuts. This BB is comprised of primarily seeds rather than the usual nuts + seeds mixture. The crunchy cool combination of seeds and coconut oil will keep you coming back for more. You’re sure to go nuts over this nut-free Blender Bomb.


Dates, Chia Seeds, Ground Flaxseeds, Hemp Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Sunflower Seed Butter (Sunflower Seeds, Olive Oil), Coconut, Coconut Oil, Honey, Cacao Nibs, Cinnamon, Vanilla Extract, Dry Vinegar



Our ONLY nut free bomb! Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals, healthy skin and nails, and promote a healthy immune system.


Simply drop one Blender Bomb into your blender with your other favorite smoothie ingredients like - frozen fruit, greens, liquid of choice, then blend and enjoy!


Reseal and store in a cool, dry location, like your pantry. Product is shelf stable for up to six months.


Disclaimer: Blender Bombs may contain date pits. Made in a facility that processes tree nuts.

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