Monthly Blender Bombs Subscription

Monthly Blender Bombs Subscription


Subscribe, commit to being healthy, and get FREE SHIPPING off your monthly Blender Bombs when you subscribe! When you subscribe we'll send your selected order of Blender Bombs each month!  Add more than one box of BBs to make sure your smoothies stay Bombed for the whole month. Because this subscription covers your shipping, you’ll save at least $60 a year! 3 month minimum for all subscription orders.

Blender Bombs: The Blender Bombs are a staple when it comes to developing healthy habits and good nutrition. A lot of people just put fruit in their smoothies, but don't realize how that will spike your blood sugar like crazy! You should be putting healthy fat and protein in your smoothie along with the fruit to avoid this spike. The BBs have the fat and protein, as well as every essential amino acid and every essential fatty acid. The best part? They transform the texture of your smoothie so that you will look forward to your smoothie every day! 


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