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BBs are a Game Changer. Check it out.

- Caroline

I’m addicted to your Blender Bombs! Just ordered my fourth bag. I have three small children.  My middle child has autism and my youngest is entering the terrible twos so mornings are super chaotic and breakfast just doesn’t usually happen for me, buy my morning smoothie with your blender bombs are giving me energy to keep up with them! Love them!!

- Jenna

I’ve lost 7 pounds in two weeks just by replacing one meal a day with a Blender Bomb Smoothie.

- Heather

Helen! I agree that BBs are the sh*t.  You have changed my life with them and watching you on insta.  I loved seeing what you eat in a day – helps me with ideas. Would love you to do it again!! Keep doing what you’re doing. You are a bad ass bitch.

- Nicole

Hi Helen! Just wanted to share my testimonial with you cause I’m hooked! I bought my first BBs at the pop up you did in Atlanta about 3 months ago.  Since then I’ve been doing intermittent fasting and your smoothies about 4 times a week. For my other meals I’ve been eating the same way I always have (which admittedly isn’t great) and have lost 12 pounds in less than 3 months!  Your BBs are a total game changer because they’re the only “diet” I can stick to. Just ordered the granola and more BBs to share with friends and I can’t wait. Keep doing your thang!

- Lindsay

Random story but wanted to share – Yesterday I was out of Blender Bombs so I dusted off my vanilla protein powder for a desperate attempt at a replacement.  It is insance how fake and splenda-like it tasted after having Blender Bombs every smoothie for the past few months. Considering the way the powder smoothie tasted there’s no way it’s good for you.  So now I’m throwing out the protein powder and heading to buy more Blender BOmbs, LESSON LEARNED!

- Lauren

I’ve been a B.B. fan for the past few months but I gotta say…this granola is OUT OF CONTROL! It’s my new favorite desk snack!!! I’m visiting Charleston next weekend and can’t wait to check out the store and stock up on my favorite goodies!! XX

- Katie

Names changed for privacy purposes.

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